Quarantine means that many people need to generate income from home to pay the bills. What innovative tasks can be done? Here we tell you 8 options to earn extra money in quarantine.

Quarantine as a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic forces many independent professionals and entrepreneurs, in general, to look for jobs from home in order to generate extra money to live and pay the bills that cannot be postponed.

Precisely, the time available at home can be an opportunity to generate some new and innovative projects to provide some service or product to those who confront the same situation of isolation and need to cover specific personal and work needs.

At this time, all people, both those who do not have economic problems and those who are very adjusted, need access from home to tools and products to train or solve work issues. Or simply to have fun, entertain themselves or relax. The formula to generate an extra income is to have more free time and imagination and, of course, to give value to what you do. You must keep in mind that everything you offer to the market must be valuable to the other person so that you can succeed in generating an extra income with a job from home. Here are some ideas for earning extra money from home.

8 jobs from home

1) Design and video editing

Today, image and video editing have become increasingly easy with the boom in applications and websites that make the process easier. Of course, without previous experience, you can’t be a professional in the field, but you can generate some simple results.

Remember that there are people who study four years in college for this, but you can give a hand to some people who need to get out of the way in this super boom of online courses and videos on social networks.

In fact, today’s influencers are making more videos than ever before and many individuals who were teaching face-to-face courses were obliged to move their work to online platforms. Many of these do not have the budget to pay a professional editor or designer, and there is your chance to get into it.

A number of simple video-editing programs are available on the Internet. You simply need to be patient in knowing how to use them. But most of them are very intuitive. You can also use online tutorials for their management.

2) Online support

In case of having knowledge in some areas that have some link to school orientations, like mathematics, literature, language use, history. Or, if you know some language, or specialization as an accountant or lawyer, you can give support classes of some subjects or advise companies online as a way of working from home.

All you need is a computer or a modern cell phone, an Internet connection and, most importantly, time.

This service can be offered both in a group and individually, so it can be adjusted to the budgets of each family and make an entertaining educational system to build student loyalty. It is important that you organize the classes and contents in a clear, didactic, innovative, and entertaining way so that your students take this time as again in their day.

3) Lunch at home

If you cook well for a hobby or profession, you do it very well, and you have minimum equipment available at home to make quantity, a good idea to work from home is to make food and cakes at home.

Many people live alone or some families do not have time or want to start cooking daily in the middle of quarantine, there is an opportunity. The important thing is to analyze the potential customers and be close to a densely populated neighborhood and can make this type of cost that responds more to comfort.

You can offer lunch and dinner proposals, a fixed menu for each day of the week. There is even a subscription model for a few days during the week.

To promote it, you can comment on the Whatsapp group or social networks used by your neighbors, or deliver flyers made with your computer to houses near your residence, especially in these times of quarantine.

4) Entertainment Classes

For those who are dedicated to physical activity (gymnastics, yoga, or karate, to name a few), handicrafts, music, decoration, and cooking, among other recreational activities, the quarantine leads to classes being offered from home.

This means, that a daily routine or a few fixed days a week can be set up to help people who are lonely or for whom it is difficult to establish a space in their day to dedicate to certain activities. Providing live music, cooking, or home craft classes and personal use is also useful as a recreational activity.

5) Video Background

¿Would we ever have imagined needing a set for our own house? The boom in video calls, live, social network videos, and virtual courses has exposed a new problem.

Many people do not have a place in their house that they want to show to their boss, their followers, and even their friends. There are already people who offer a solution to this problem, giving people a background according to their needs.

Some are libraries, others are backgrounds with delicate decoration, others simply a green background to add all the details in a virtual way. This type of home-based project is targeted at amateur and professional photographers, decorators, designers, among others.

6) Generate content on YouTube

For dominoes fans (fall of the game’s chips making decorative figures), for artists, illustrators, and hobby, history, geography, or animal lovers, this is an option they can enjoy and much more.

During this quarantine, many people have been enriched by the number of reproductions that have their creations on YouTube. Did you ever think you were going to get paid to make a domino and film it? The Domino’s Challenge boom is YouTube’s surprise in the last few months with millions of reproductions that translate into thousands of dollars of monthly advertising revenue. All you need is a cell phone with good camera resolution and available memory.

And the best thing is to add a minimum of editing, which can even be done on the same mobile devices.

7) Buying and selling used clothes

These days at home many people have taken the opportunity to organize their closets. So you can take advantage of this situation and offer to sell these unused clothes.

And build a community to offer clothes in excess, even be a channel for sales of small textile enterprises. This is a classic business, but one that today makes more sense than ever and has many possibilities for success. All you need is a virtual platform where you publish the clothes and participate as an intermediary.

Your added value, in this case, is to be a trusted intermediary for both parties, and your challenge is to build a social network community interested in fashion. A combination of the sustainability of “slow fashion” and quarantine activities that can generate you an extra income. 

8) Home Birthday Kits

A challenge presented by confinement and social distancing is the celebration of birthdays, anniversaries, and social events. It is already common to see celebrations through the Zoom videoconferencing application, through Whatsapp and other platforms to generate virtual meetings.

To give a little emotion and realism to the celebration some people already offer to send boxes to the birthday boy and all his virtual guests to share in the event. These boxes have a cotillion, cake, and even a souvenir so that everyone present can enjoy the celebration to the fullest. This innovative idea can be reproduced for other types of special events and generate an “excuse” to bring together family and friends on a particular day of the week or date.