With so many affiliate programs, it’s hard to choose the one that best suits your needs. Each one has a different way to start and different commission rates. So check out this list of the top 10 affiliate programs and start making money from your website!

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn money by promoting products or services for companies or businesses you partner with.

So, there are two parties involved in affiliate programs. There is an affiliated merchant, also known as an advertiser, who has a product to promote. Then, there is an affiliate marketer, someone with a website, blog, or social networks, whose job is to convert your visitors into potential customers of the product.

In short, advertisers get new customers, and affiliate vendors are compensated for sending traffic to them.

10 best affiliate programs

In the list below, we present the best affiliate programs that exist. If you have browsed the Amazon catalogs, you will know that they have a great collection of products.

Whether you have a lifestyle, fashion, technology, or food blog, there are always products you can promote.

Also, their Amazon Bounty program will give you a commission for every visitor who signs up for their free trials.

How hard is it to get started? The process is simple: Just navigate to the Amazon Associates home page, click “Join Now Free” and fill out the information about your site, blog, or mobile application.

There’s a section where you need to enter some details: what kind of products you want to promote, where you get traffic from, and a few others.

When you’re done setting up your profile, wait 24 hours for them to verify it, and you’re done!

How quickly can you start earning? Each product category has its own fixed price. So, if you want to maximize your earnings, choose the best-paid niche for your blog (the highest commission rate is 10% for luxury beauty, fashion, and Amazon coins). In addition, the minimum for direct transfer is $10 and for checks is $100.

You will also receive a commission if your visitors buy other products. For example, if you are promoting a game console, and the user clicks on your affiliate link, buys the game console and then decides to buy an earphone, you will also get a commission on the sale of the earphone!

2.- Hostinger Affiliates

If you are looking for a high commission affiliate program, search no more, this program is perfect for any site or blog that has a technology-related niche.

Every hosting purchase that comes from your affiliate link will earn you a 60% commission, and there’s no limit. Setup is easy too. All you have to do is sign up and complete your information, then wait 24 hours to be verified.

You will get a dedicated affiliate control panel where you can manage, optimize, and monitor your campaigns. They will also provide you with marketing materials, such as banners, for all kinds of websites.

How quickly can you start earning? For example, if your visitors buy the bi-annual premium shared hosting package (EUR 103.20) and don’t cancel the service within 30 days, you will get a 60% commission, which will be EUR 62. You will be paid once your balance reaches EUR 100, so only two sales are needed!

3.-ShareASale Affiliates

If you’re in the market for another affiliate program with a large collection of products, ShareASale Affiliates is your answer!

ShareASale is similar to a marketplace: it attends to both merchants and promoters equally. With over 3,900 merchants, timely payments, and receptive support, it’s no wonder ShareASale is on the list of the most trusted affiliate programs.

How hard is it to get started? There are five simple steps to signing up. Start by registering your username and password, then complete your website information, enter your email and contact information, and choose a payment method: Direct bank deposit or check. Then, wait one business day until your application is validated.

How quickly can you start earning? ShareASale has a lower minimum requirement than the programs listed above: only $50. Please note that different payment methods also influence how quickly you will receive your earnings.

International transactions take 4-6 weeks before your check is mailed, 1-3 business weeks via FedEx, and only 3-6 business days if you choose direct deposit.

4.- Shopify Affiliates

Shopify is one of the largest e-commerce platforms with wonderful features. From generating a trading name and creating logos, to developing an online store, they make sure to offer solutions to every entrepreneur’s problems.

How hard is it to get started? First, you must create a Shopify Partners account, for which you will be asked for information about your website, how you would promote Shopify, and if you have experience in digital marketing. After that, wait two business days to be verified.

How quickly can you start earning? In general, they have two types of plans that you can refer your audience to standard and Shopify Plus. For each sale of a standard plan, you’ll earn $58. As for Shopify Plus, you’ll get $2,000 for each sale!

Please note that Shopify Plus is a service intended for an online business store – it costs a fortune. So it could be a hard sell.

5.-Ebay Partner Network

With the reputation they have built since 1995, it is hard not to see eBay as one of the biggest and most trusted markets out there.

They have over 1.1 billion listings of the best brands for various niches. In addition, their marketing kits make it easier to promote and share.

How hard is it to get started? You can sign up for their page with a Google or Facebook account to speed up the process. Remember to have your PayPal information ready.

How quickly can you start earning? eBay’s partner network offers you between 50% and 70% of their revenue, depending on product categories. Plus, you only have to reach a $10 balance to receive a payment.

6.-Rakuten Linkshare

This is another online store you can trust. Rakuten is a globalized online shopping center and a leader in the Japanese market. They have a global affiliate network that can help advertisers gain new customers and maintain repeat purchases.

How hard is it to get started? Go to their site and sign up. You will need to complete details about your company, contact, the main website, and some tax information. You can also set your minimum payment, as long as it is over $50.

How fast can you start earning? The disadvantage of this program is that you must join each specific advertiser’s program. Otherwise, there’s no way to know how much income you can earn – there are a wide variety of commission percentages.

7.- Leadpages Partner Program

Leadpages is an online tool that you can use to create landing pages without complications. It comes with many useful tools, such as a drag-and-drop builder, tons of optimized templates for mobile devices, unlimited traffic, and more.

Creating a website can help build an audience’s online presence, no matter what the niche, and with such an easy-to-use tool, anyone can do it. This makes it a perfect product to promote your readers.

How hard is it to get started? It’s recommended that you purchase a Leadpages plan before you promote it, so you can better highlight its benefits and learn first-hand how it works. First, go to their affiliate page to sign up. There is a form to fill out with all the standard details: username, website, language, country, etc.

How quickly can you start earning? You can earn recurring commissions of 30% for each sale and for renewal payments.

Not only that, Leadpages awards a $5,000 bonus to a qualified seller for travel around the world. In addition to the package, they also organize paid webinars, from which you also get the same 30% commission by referring your audience.


Avantlink is one of the best affiliate programs with extensive affiliate research: only 30% of all applicants are approved! However, its advanced technology for easy marketing more than compensates for this. Also, they only allow large, established merchants with quality products on the network.

Real-time reporting, paid locations, an affiliate link encoder, and personalized tracking are just a few of the tools in their arsenal. Everything about Avantlink is a serious matter and a great dedication for both merchants and vendors.

How hard is it to get started? Their friendly interface makes signing up easy and fun. Choose a region between the US, Canada, and Australia for your preferred network, then complete the form with your details.

You will then receive an email with instructions on how to verify your property; it requires some technical skill. In the meantime, Avantlink will also review your application, which will take a few days.

How quickly can you start earning? The average commission rate for each sale is 10%, while the minimum withdrawal amount is $50. Payments are sent on the 25th of each month. Please note that Avantlink will not be able to pay you if the merchant has not yet paid.

9.- Clickbank

This renowned affiliate marketplace is one of the easiest affiliate marketing programs to access. In addition, they have thousands of products to promote different commission rates for each provider.

How hard is it to get started? You can choose which product to promote immediately. Once you click Promote, you must enter a nickname that will create a HopLink – your instantly created affiliate link! You can share it immediately on your blog or social networks. But to get paid, you must register and complete the necessary information.

How quickly can you start earning? Commission rates depend on each provider: they vary from 1% to 75%. You can also look for a one-time purchase or recurring payments, the latter being the easiest option to earn money.

The default minimum payment is $100, but you can change it in the Settings tab, choosing the amount that suits you best from $10 to $1,000,000.

10.- CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate, also known as Commission Junction, is one of the leading affiliate marketing programs you can trust. With more than 20 years of experience, they will make sure to offer you the best solution to get the most revenue possible.

They respect the privacy of your visitors, which is why they have a cookie-less monitoring system that can do a great job of tracking your commissions.

How hard is it to get started? On the signup page, you will need to read the terms all the way through in order to check the agreement box. Once you complete the registration, fill out the network profile with the description of your website/blog and the method of advertising. Then choose a merchant and join their program.

How quickly can you start earning? Each merchant has a different commission rate and various EPC (Earnings Per 100 Clicks). For example, when a merchant has $30 for his EPC, it means that for every 100 clicks you send, you will earn $30 in commissions, regardless of the commission rate.

If a merchant has a low commission rate but high EDC, it means they do a wonderful job of turning your traffic into buyers. This measure is not 100% transparent, but you should look for the highest EDC if you want to make money quickly.

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