1.-What is AdSense

Before we get into the subject, it’s worth remembering what AdSense is, so that you understand what the rules of the game are and who the players are that compete here.

How to make money with Google AdSense

Google AdSense is nothing more than an intermediary service between advertisers and people with available advertising space. A round business that, of course, is managed and automated by Google.

It’s such a rounded business that it accounts for 86% of Google’s revenue (a not inconsiderable $28 billion in Q2 2018) and makes it the largest advertising agency in the world.

And this business involves several parties:

Who is involved in Google AdSense?

Without going into detail on how AdSense works, these are the players who intervene massively every day within the platform,

2.1 Advertisers:

On the one hand we have the advertisers. Companies or individuals who create ads of various types with their products or services (through tools also provided by Google).

Once they do so, they ask themselves, where do I place these ads for the whole world to see? That’s also what Google is there for with its tools, offering them spaces in the vast network of web pages (the ones you and I added to AdSense)

And more importantly, they’re asking how much will I pay for this ad? Because this is the key that you’re interested in. The more an advertiser pays for an ad, the more you will receive in return.

2.2 Advertising spaces

This is where people like us come in. Webmasters who have one or more websites that they want to make a profit from. How? By offering various physical spaces within their websites that are open to advertisers to place their ads there.

2.3 The referee, the AI, who controls everything

And behind advertisers and us is Google. Google, through Google AdSense, is in charge of organizing infinite bids between the different advertisers and the different “gaps” it has in the tide of websites that are targeted at its service.

3.-What you need to start in AdSense

Now that you’ve briefly seen what AdSense is, you’ll understand that your place is none other than that of “space providers” so that advertisers can get stuck for placing ads in those spaces you rent to them.

Without going into details about how to create an AdSense account and how to get it validated, what you need to get started with AdSense is

*A website where you can place AdSense ads.

*An email address (preferably from Google).

*An AdSense account.

*Relevant and quality content.

With the AdSense account created, the website active and the content on your site, you have to go through a period during which they will evaluate if your website deserves to be on the Google advertising network.

The activation or not of the account will depend on, among other things, the amount of content that the website has.

And now, assuming that you already have everything on your site…

4.-How do I make money with AdSense?

I’m afraid that AdSense money only comes in two forms:
many clicks, very good quality clicks. Which, translated into your website, means you need:

*A lot of hits on your website.
*Advertisers who pay a lot for each click on their ads.

This, said like this, seems logical and even affordable. But the volume of visits we need to make a decent amount of money is brutal.

Google AdSense how much you pay

I’ll come back to this later. Now let’s focus on the goal: making money. Many gurus tell you about websites that charge 1000 dollars a month, or how they can earn 50 dollars a day, or earn 10 dollars a day or whatever.

It is clear that if you have 20,000 daily visits to a website selling motorcycle accessories, you will most likely earn that amount of money with AdSense. But if you want to start making money with AdSense today… maybe you should read on.

5.-The problems of monetizing with AdSense

From the previous speech, two of the main problems to be solved in order to have recurrent passive income via AdSense can be understood:

*Choosing the niche.

*Getting traffic.

But there are others derived from these that nobody usually comments on and that are the real headache for those of us who live from the Internet and seek to increase our regular income base.

These problems, which we will explain later, are:

*Generating (a lot of) (quality) content.
*Creating an optimal website for AdSense

5 keys that, just because of their name and number, make you think that “making quick and easy money with AdSense” is nothing more than the claim of some smoke seller…

Let’s look at them in detail:

5.1 Choosing a niche

About choosing niches there is a lot of literature on the internet. In fact, to choose a good niche you don’t need to have Google AdSense in mind. Because good niches monetize with almost anything.

In any case, the first thing we have to decide to be able to monetize our future website through ads, is to be clear about the subject matter.

Because a niche is nothing more than a specific topic (the more specific, the better) that we are going to talk about on the web. Whether with reviews, opinion articles, lists, comparisons…

A good niche meets that:

*It covers a very specific topic that attracts high quality readers.

*The breadth of content within the topic is large enough to write dozens of articles.

*There are many people interested in this topic.

*It has little competition

5.1.1 Niche volume

The number of people we need to make money varies greatly from one niche to another. Some, specific and direct, need a few hundred visits per month and others, more generic, need thousands of visits to make money.

This is one of the main obstacles to making money. The online advertising sector is very tight, even more if we take into account that certain gurus (a term you always have to catch with tweezers) made the system fashionable: “create many shitty websites that some will give you money”.

This has meant that every niche you’re going to analyze has 2 or 3 clones of these masters on the first page of Google with their web-types full of ads and unreliable content.

5.2 Generation of quality content

Once you have the chosen niche, before you even add AdSense to the website, before you even have the website, you need to be clear about the launch content.

Not only for reasons of positioning, SEO, brand recognition… but because one of the requirements of AdSense is that the website is active and has content to analyze. That way they can see if they are interested in accepting you into the program.

The fact is that, for a website to work, it needs tens of thousands of articles that are well written, readable, attractive… In other words, that have an expert writer behind them.

5.3 Google AdSense in WordPress

WordPress is the largest web platform on the Internet. On its own, WordPress gets 34% of the share of all existing sites (indexed, of course). Besides, as a WordPress developer, I can’t recommend any other tool to build your AdSense website.

However, finding a WordPress template for AdSense is not as easy as using WordPress. And let’s not talk about if you want to have a web pro and you want to set it up so that ads only show up where you want them to show up.

Because, as we’ll see at the end of this article, although Google AdSense makes it easy for us to generate ads automatically, this surely won’t be what your website, your blog, your business needs.

Setting up Google AdSense WordPress is not an easy task.

5.4 Generating traffic

Finally, when all the above conditions are aligned, it is time to bring traffic to our website. An AdSense project that wants to be successful needs tens of thousands of monthly visits.

How do we do it? This is where your SEO knowledge, content structure, keyword strategy and SEO power come into play.

6.-How much does AdSense pay?

With all this manifest effort of hours of planning, dozens of hours of building a proper website and hundreds, maybe more, of hours of creating the quality content our users need, the moment of truth arrives. How much will I earn with AdSense?

AdSense pays for ads in two main ways: CPC and CPM. This is called “Cost per Click” or “Cost per Thousand Views”. We, the webmasters, do not choose the type of bidding.

Similarly, we do not choose to place the ads that pay the highest CPC.

It is Google that decides all this. Google, the advertisers, and the targeting they have done for their ads in a symbiotic relationship that evolves over time.

We are talking about a few cents of a dollar every time someone clicks on an ad.

7.-Is it worth working with Google AdSense in 2020?

If you’ve made it this far, it means you see Google AdSense as a viable revenue model for your business. That’s why I want to answer you with two more questions: Is it worth creating a website ONLY to monetize it with AdSense?

Unless you find a wonderful, untapped niche where you can easily generate tens of thousands of lines of solid, quality text that users will fall in love with? then maybe it’s worth considering living off AdSense.

The harsh reality is that AdSense, by itself, is a pretty poor business strategy. The real question, the key that you should take away from this article is: Is it worth monetizing a website ONLY with AdSense?

The answer is clearly no (with nuances).

However, there is a balance between yes and no that is worth exploring. In my opinion, Google Adsense is a good complement to the monetization of a site (if used wisely).

Here are a few pros and cons to help you decide what Google Adsense is for you.

7.1 Pros of Google AdSense

Although it may seem like the opposite, Google AdSense is a very good method of supplementing money for an online business. Why? Because making money with AdSense is the easiest method of doing so:

7.1.1 It’s easy to sign up

Creating an account, verifying it and linking it to our website is the easiest, simplest and freest process available.

Maybe that’s why almost all websites use AdSense to earn some money from their work.

7.1.2 There are a lot of advertisers that you can select

Since this is a Google tool, there are thousands of different advertisers wanting to place ads on your sites. And you know that the more competition there is, the higher the bids will be and, of course, the more money you could make.

7.1.3 The segmentation of the ads by the theme of your website/blog is always very good

If Google knows how to do anything, it is to detect tastes, needs and population segments to offer them the experience they need. Trusting the Google ad network is trusting that your website will always show the best ad for each visitor.

7.1.4 You don’t need to have technical knowledge to start using AdSense on your blog

As I said before, Google makes it easy. Even showing ads on the web. This, as we’ll see below, is also a big contra to consider.

7.1.5 You can choose what kind of ads are shown

Google AdSense not only allows us to select which types of ads we want to display on our blog (divided by category) and remove those that we think are against our interests. It also allows us to choose what kind of forms those ads should take: text, links, gifs, videos… and even the size of each one of them.

The flexibility is absolute.

7.1.6 It is a good way to earn extra passive money

Even if the amounts are not high, having Google AdSense active makes you occasionally get a check from Google making you a little richer.

7.2 Google AdSense Cons

7.2.1 You need a lot of traffic

If you think that 23,000 monthly visits are too many, then you are a long way from the figures that you need to have on Google for monetization to be high.

To make real money with AdSense you have to have those visits a day. Otherwise, the income you will receive will be small.

7.2.2 You need technical knowledge to optimize AdSense

Setting AdSense to automatic is very easy, but that (as we’ll see in the next point) can make the user experience go down the drain.

If you want to show only certain ads in the pages you decide, you need to know the environment you’re using (WordPress for example) and know how to edit its code to show only what you want.

7.2.3 You can spoil the user experience

A website full of advertising, of banners, of objects that you have to close in order to continue surfing… is a website that will only make your visitors flee in terror.

Especially if your users are entering from a mobile phone. Because AdSense for mobile banners are… most invasive.

7.2.4 It can take a while to see your first check

As we said before, your first websites usually generate between 1 and 5 dollars per month. With that perspective in mind, you yourself will realize that the first check for 100 dollars will take a long time to arrive, even if you manage to increase your visitor base and reach 10 dollars per month.

7.2.5 The CPM is very low

AdSense bases its way of making money on clicks, not visualizations. That’s why the CPM (cost per thousand impressions) is very low. Here the intention to buy from your audience in conjunction with the ads that are published on your website has a great influence.

7.2.6 The niche determines your income

Or rather, the competition from advertisers in your niche defines your income. Not all sectors pay the same and not all sites belonging to the same sector interest the same advertisers.

That is to say, even if you perfectly match the theme of your website to attract advertisers willing to spend a lot of money, you will not be guaranteed a good financial result at the end of each month either.


Making money from advertising is a method that works only when the advertiser (us) has something very powerful to offer. If we’re talking about making money with Google AdSense, the only thing we can offer advertisers is space on a site that has a lot of hits.

If those visits and that audience we have is small, we can earn commensurate amounts of money through AdSense. Earning 10 dollars a day, in my opinion, would already be a great success for Google AdSense.

However, if you are a big player in some sector (whose advertisers pay well), with a website that moves tens of thousands of visits per month, a smart use of Google AdSense can substantially supplement your income.