Surely you’ve heard many times the terms “Influencer” or “Instagrammer” and seen in Instagram profiles with a feed of those that take your breath away, where the owners show us that they have a “dream” life, and where they apparently manage to make money with Instagram, by taking selfies in incredible places.

You’ve probably also wondered how they did it and, especially, what you could do to have the same opportunity.

To clear up those doubts, we’ll explain everything you need to know to get an Instagram profile suitable for business, and also the different ways to make money with Instagram… and that’s not exactly taking selfies and making likes.


As the word says, an “Influencer” is someone who is able to influence other people through his or her opinion. The “Influencer” pleases the masses, is considered an “expert” in one or various niches (for example, beauty, fitness, cooking, etc.), and is recognized by the content he generates in Social Networks.

Many brands and companies decide to work with them instead of other advertising channels, because it is much easier for people to purchase a product or service, if it has been recommended to them by someone they admire, or in whose opinion they trust.


Most people have the idea that it takes thousands and thousands of followers to get sponsorships and make money with Instagram.

But the truth is, while you do need to have a following, it’s not the huge number that everyone thinks it is, and it’s not what will decide whether or not you can get sponsorships and become a professional instagrammer.

There are a number of factors to consider before trying to make money with Instagram. The 2 most important are:

1.-In which area or niche you will build your profile: If you want to become an Instagrammer and earn money with Instagram, you must first decide what general interest topic you will develop (if you like fitness lifestyle, cooking, make-up or fashion, etc.).

Our recommendation is always to choose something you like very much because you’ll probably talk more easily about it and won’t feel like you’re “working” when you have to research trends and other things about it.
Additionally, you will be able to do business with companies you really like and receive free products that you will actually use.

2.-The quality of your followers: Having more followers might increase your chances of getting some kind of exchange or sponsorship, but it will only be like that if your followers are real and you keep a good engagement.
What I mean is that if you really want to make money with Instagram, there’s no point in buying followers or going from house to house asking your neighbors and friends to follow your account, because if your followers don’t care about your content, they probably won’t “like” your posts, they won’t comment and better yet won’t even talk about the possibility of them buying your products and/or services.
Cleaning up your profile of those “fake” followers is the best thing you can do because I guarantee that 1,000 loyal followers who are really interested in your content will give you much better results than 10,000 fake followers, or those who are inactive.

Note: Engagement is calculated by dividing the total interaction on the post by the number of followers on your profile. The engagement rate for each post can be viewed in Instagram Analytics if you maintain an Instagram business profile.


There are many ways to earn money with Instagram, here are some of them:

1.-Exchange: Advertising a brand or business through publications or “stories”, and getting products and/or services in return.

2.-Paid Advertising: Advertising through publications or stories in exchange for money. Different from exchanges, this monetization option is the main way Influencers start making money with Instagram.

3.-Affiliate Marketing: Advertise through publications or stories, and get a commission for every product or service sale made through your link. One of our favorite ways to make money with Instagram and different web platforms.

4.-Your own product or service: Create and promote your own product or service and get profit from its sale. This business model applies to a physical or digital product (info product) as well as for offering a paid service.

When trying to make money with Instagram, usually the so-called Influencers start working with exchanges and eventually get paid advertising contracts.

This is because when you are starting out it is much easier to get a brand or business to agree to invite you to try out their services or products for free (so that you can then review the product for your followers) than to pay you money for advertising that may not be profitable to them at first.

To get more and better opportunities to earn money from Instagram with different companies, it’s very important that you take care of your image from the beginning, because as your audience grows, more people will have something to comment on what you do or say.

If you promote many brands that are in competition with each other, you could have a conflict of interest and lose customers.


The most important thing in trying to make money on Instagram is your credibility.

If you promote products or services that don’t work (or worse, are dangerous), you’ll lose your fans’ trust, and your chance to make money on Instagram, Facebook, or any other platform may go down the drain.

The public understands that you make money by advertising on your account, but at the same time they will want to feel authentic and connect with you.

It is also important to remember that you will be working through a social network, not creating an online catalog. So, spamming one post after another about promotions and offers won’t be a good idea either.

In conclusion, being both selective and authentic is key in this and any other type of business.

Tip: Using a hashtag such as #sponsorship or #advertising in this type of post, could help your followers perceive you as someone transparent, who does not intend to deceive them.


When trying to monetize your profile or make money with Instagram through redemptions and paid advertising contracts, you usually have to create content (photo or video) to post on your feed or in your Instagram Story, linking your post to the company or brand’s website or profile, and also allow the company or brand to share the content you created on their own social network profiles.

They must also agree on the date (or dates, in the case of a sequence of posts) and times when these publications will be made. Of course, this is one of the factors that will impact the cost of your services, since the more posts you are requested to do, the more work you will have to do.

It is probable that companies will also ask you for a weekly, monthly, etc., report where you show the analysis of the interaction that the posts had with the advertising. That’s another thing you should take into account when you’re getting paid since producing reports will also take up your time.

So, when choosing the cost of your posts it is important that you take into account the following:

*If you believe that what you are promoting will resonate with your audience: Remember that poor results will hurt your Instagram profile numbers, your credibility, your relationship with the brand/company, and your future chances of making money with Instagram.

*The amount of publishing they want you to do: Creating content that can make you money with Instagram takes time and effort (putting on makeup, fixing the set, shooting videos, taking pictures, editing, etc.). In addition, you must also set up your publishing schedule, create reports, and other things.

*The quantity and, most importantly, the quality of followers you have on your social network and the engagement they have with your account: You can’t demand more than you give. While you must value your work, you must also be fair with your prices. But be careful, because giving your work away is not recommended either since it is not a fair competition and in the end, you will damage the market for everyone.


When you have a “popular” profile, brands and companies will probably write to you directly offering exchanges and sponsorships. But if you’re just starting your business and trying to make money with Instagram, you should usually be the one making the first contact.

To do this well, look for brands you like (famous and not so famous) in your niche market. The idea is that you start by promoting products that you’ve already tried and found to be really good so that your fans see that it’s an authentic review and you get good results from the start.


In the case of Affiliate Marketing, the process of getting a company interested in working with you can be much easier. However, your job will have to be much harder, since you will not receive any profit if no sales are generated through your link.

You should also look for companies that you like and request an affiliate link that you can share with your followers so that you can track sales made through your promotion.

The only issue with this is that you can only use one link at a time on Instagram. To fix this, it’s a good idea to have your own website that you can promote on your profile, and from there redirect your audience to other similar companies you’re working with.

Although it is true that you can establish links in your “stories”, this is only valid for profiles that have more than 10 thousand followers and will not work for you in the profile posts.

And very important: maintaining your own website expands your online presence and will make you look much more professional to the companies you intend to work with.